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  • About Yanheng

    Guangzhou yanheng computer technology Co;Ltd. -A professional manufacturer of industrial computer,it is devote to research and development,manufacturing and marketing various size and specification of industrial computer, embedded computer,industrial panel PC,industrial monitor,industrial workstation,industrial server and embedded industrial motherboard.

    With a research and development,marketing and Technical team more than 10 years of experience industrial computer field,our company can realize quick,cost-effective,flexible OEM&ODM Service for market demand.
  • Yanheng Team

    The technical team with more than 10 years of relevant industry background can provide professional customized solutions according to customer needs.
    Service Area:
    1.Interface Customization
    We can custom made all of interfaces, including Serial Port, Ethernet Port, CAN Port, USB Port, I/O Port and so on.
    2.Operation System Customization
    We can custom made XPE, WINCE, LINUX,VXWORKS(Increase or Decrease the components)
    3.Appearance Customization
    We can custom made mounting type, color, dimension and so on.
  • Certification

    ISO9001  ISO14001

    CCC  CE  RoHS  

  • Customer Services

    Professional after-sales service team, response within 48 hours, 72 hours to solve the problem